Celebrating Women at UBC: Dr. Dana Grecov

Dr. Grecov and Passions

Dr. Grecov is an Associate Professor in Mechanical Engineering, specialising in fluid mechanics and rheology, with applications to non-Newtonian fluids, industrial flows and bio-fluid mechanics. She is very passionate about her research which revolves around hydro-dynamics in heart valves, synovial fluid in the knee and lubrication both in the human body and in industry. She is also interested in the modelling of different industrial flows and complex fluids.

Dr. Grecov is also passionate about teaching. She finds it rewarding to see how students learn and how they use what they are taught in class. She notices that students in their final years of study or those about to go on Co-op have a particular interest for learning because they know that they will be using the skills.

In her spare time, Dr Grecov likes spending time with her family, taking her son to soccer, travelling, reading, and working out.

Dr. Grecov and International Women’s Day

This International Women’s Day, Dr. Grecov is celebrating Marta Salcudean, a fellow Romanian engineer who worked at UBC until recently. Dr. Grecov describes her as the perfect role model because, although she is now retired, she is still active. During her working years she was the first woman in Canada to become head of a Mechanical Engineering department. She was also a UBC Vice President twenty years ago. Her extraordinary research contributions also inspired Dr. Grecov and many other engineers. Dr. Grecov also celebrates her mentors, both male and female, who have helped her come this far in her career.

Dr. Grecov is passionate about encouraging more young girls to become interested in engineering. She feels that a lot of high schools attempt to deter females from majoring in engineering, particularly mechanical engineering and so she makes an effort to inform high school students about the opportunities that a career in engineering can offer for both boys and girls.

Dr. Grecov and Changes

In the future, Dr. Grecov would like to see eradication of violence against women. She is aware that murders and attacks on women are disproportionate to men and and cites the 1989 Montreal Massacre as an example. She would also like to see more equality in economics, politics, and education. However, she believes that it is important we take into account the differences in genders in our quest for equality.

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