Celebrating Women at UBC: Stacey Simpson

Photo credit: Cicely Blain

Photo credit: Cicely Blain

Stacey and Interests

Stacey Simpson is an International Student Coordinator, originally from Vancouver Island. Her job involves academic advising for international students and recruitment which she thoroughly enjoys as she has the opportunity to meet applicants from all over the world. In her spare time, Stacey likes to take Evolutionary Astrology night classes, travel, spend time with friends and sample food and wine.

Stacey is passionate about international education and bringing students to UBC from a variety of different countries as well as promoting exchange opportunities like Go Global. She believes in the idea of people sharing cultures and learning from each other. She believes that the promotion of cross cultural communication creates understanding between different groups.

Stacey and Healing

Stacey’s second job is running her own alternative healing therapy practise. She is passionate about wellness and the connection of emotions to spirituality and physical health. She loves making people feel better and wants people to be empowered in their own wellness. “Too much of our own health has been co-opted by corporations and so we expect others to be responsible for our health,” she says. In her practise, she gives people guidance on where to seek resources and promotes the ideas of tapping into personal resources, self-healing, good nutrition, and energy healing. A lot of her work involves helping battered women who have suffered domestic abuse or sexual assault. Stacey is also certified in the practice of Deep Memory Process which involves healing wounds from our current life as well as past lives.

Stacey loves travelling which she is fortunate enough to do as part of her job at UBC. Recreationally, she also uses her travelling to study healing practises in countries like Japan, Australia, USA and Thailand where she engages in fasting programs. She believes that travelling is a part of exploring your soul’s journey. Her degree in Sociology and Anthropology also benefit her on her travels as she loves to explore culture and society and engage in fashion, art, and language abroad.

Stacey and International Women’s Day

This International Women’s Day, Stacey is celebrating her mother who is a strong woman who broke free from the cycle of abuse and raised her. She also admires Elizabeth May, the leader of the Green Party, as she genuinely cares about the future of Canada.

Stacey is passionate about helping women get the resources they need to deal with issues like addiction and leaving abusive relationships. She believes that female and child poverty is a very over-looked issue in Canada. Stacey believes that many people have forgotten about the struggles of women that came before us (like winning the vote) and have become apathetic. We should also remember the local history because there are battles still going on.

Stacey is also passionate about gay rights; she believes that love is love and that we should not create boundaries based on gender and sexuality. “As a past life regressionist I know that I have been gay in a past life, so I can empathise with the current struggles of the LGBT community,” she says.

Stacey and Diversity

Stacey loves how the diversity at UBC increases on a yearly basis, however, is concerned that the rapid intermingling of cultures and religions may lead to a regression in women’s rights. She loves that the university creates space for dialogue and non-violent communication.

Stacey believes that the common voice is not heard as much anymore and that governments forget they are working for the people. To combat this, she frequently voices her opinions via letters, phone calls, and petitions.

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