Celebrating Women at UBC: Woo Kim

Photo credit: Cicely Blain

Photo credit: Cicely Blain

Woo and Interests

Woo Kim is a Student Development Officer at UBC. Woo is really passionate about people; they are the core of everything she does. She really enjoys the idea of ‘people development’. That is, helping people get better at what they love and creating a sense of self-awareness. “I hate people being mean and I love encouraging people to be great to one another,” she says. In her spare time, Woo loves hanging out with friends, cooking, finding awesome coffee shops, and reading great books. She is huge fan of fiction; she loves the worlds that authors create.

Woo and International Women’s Day

As a people-lover, Woo is celebrating many women this International Women’s Day. She lists her colleagues, her mum, and her friends as people who inspire her on a daily basis. Woo is a big part of UBC’s Student Leadership Conference and this year she was very inspired by Waneek Horn Miller who came across as a genuine, authentic and caring person. In Waneek, Woo sees some of herself; the kind of person always striving for more.

Woo and Passions

Woo is passionate about education and she believes that the more access to education you have, the more empowered you are; it helps you make good decisions and understand your rights. Woo also believes in, and strives for, equality in the work place, especially for women of colour and minorities, both visible and invisible. She would like to see increased female representation in leadership so that young women can have more great role models to look up to.

Woo and Changes

Woo believes that there are positive changes happening for women at the moment. “Social expectations for women are changing and both men and women are responsible for this,” she says. However, she recognizes that there is still some way to go. Globally, Woo would like to have more people in power making decisions that better represent everyone and take the whole population into consideration.

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