A Guide for Parents, Created by Parents

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By Helena Zhu, Women Students Program Assistant, Access & Diversity

Just after the first wave of midterms came the second wave of midterms. Amid all the studying, don’t forget to take some time to admire the beautiful changing colours on campus, especially on Main Mall. Fall is well underway, and so is the Parents on Campus blog.

This week, I would like to highlight the “Guide to Resources & Support for Parents,” a resource prepared by parents on campus for parents on campus. Now in its fourth edition, the guide shares the stories, challenges, and solutions from two single mothers at UBC.

Did you know that the overcrowded University Hill elementary and secondary schools are not the only options for your kids? The UBC school bus program also provides transportation to Queen Mary and Queen Elizabeth elementary schools, in addition to University Hill. Queen Mary is just a stroll from Jericho Beach, while Queen Elizabeth is at the tip of Pacific Spirit Regional Park.

Did you know that the city has a free pass called Vancouver Inspiration Pass? The pass grants free access for up to two adults and four children under 18 to popular Vancouver attractions, museums, and recreational facilities, such as swimming pools and ice rinks over a two-week period. Vancouver Public Library has 140 passes available every two weeks, which you can apply for through the library website or in person at any VPL branch. This could make winter break more fun!

And did you know that UBC even has a community for families called UBC Families, and another for nursing mothers called Breastfeeding Café, which you can join? The upcoming meeting is on Thursday, November 20th from noon to 1:30 p.m. in the Fireside Lounge, Acadia Family Housing, 2707 Tennis Crescent. You can get to know the moms ahead of time through its Facebook group.

To find both the guide and more resources for parents on campus, please visit Access and Diversity’s page “Students who are parents.”

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