FREE Executive Functioning Course and Coaching

• Feeling overwhelmed, under-prepared, or disorganized?
• Struggling to keep up with all that’s on your plate?
• Are you working hard but just not seeing results in your grades?
• Do these difficulties affect your well-being or your social life?

If the answer is “YES,” the first thing to know is you are not alone!

Manypeople struggle with these same things. There is also help available!

The Psychoeducational Research Training Centre (PRTC) at the
University of British Columbia (UBC) is currently seeking UBC students
who wish to participate in a FREE executive functioning course that
includes individual, supportive coaching. These services would take
place during the Winter 2 term, starting in mid-January.

If you are interested, you would work with a coach one-on-one on a
course tailored to meet your needs. You would also meet regularly with a
group of students who have similar struggles. You would be asked to
commit to attend the course for 10 weeks. If you are interested in this
course, please click the following link to register:

If you have additional questions or concerns, please contact Dr. Rachel Weber
Phone: 604-822-6382 Email:

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