Download Your Accommodation Letter Online!

You can now download your accommodation letter online.

Visit our website and login to our online portal at:

You can click on the link below for instructions and screenshots on how to access your letter.

*Note that the system will not automatically send your letter to your course instructor. Ensure you provide them with a copy.

How to download your accommodation letter


  • Login to the system through our website
  • When you log-in to the system you will see 3 icons:
      • Request Accommodation Letter: allows you to generate your academic letter of accommodation(s). Click here to proceed
  • Read the instructions on the subsequent page and then click on the ‘Accommodations button’ to continue.
  • Click the request button to generate the letter
  • Choose an option
    • Option 1: you can choose to download one letter per course with specified accommodations
    • Option 2: you can download all letters at once, with all accommodations listed, by selecting ‘check all’
  • Review
    • If your accommodations are listed correctly: click the radial button, click the ‘I agree’ box, and then click submit to go to the next page
    • If your accommodations are not listed correctly: Stop now. Contact the Centre to discuss the issue further
  • You can now access the .pdf version of your letter by clicking on ‘Get Letter.’ Ensure you provide a copy of the letter to your instructor or Faculty representative. The system does not do this for you. However, the instructor or faculty representatives can log in to the instructor portal to view your letter once you have downloaded it.
  • Definition of the various statuses:
    • Waiting for student to request – press the request button to download the letter
    • Sent – the letter has been downloaded. The next step is to forward it to your instructor or Faculty representative
    • Confirmed – your instructor has viewed your letter in the Instructor Portal (which is their version of the system)

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