”If the United Nations was fully funded why would we need the Arc or social enterprise”?

I personally believe that the UN and the Arc and Social Enterprise are completely different. Although they both work towards a common goal, the method used to achieve that goal is very different. This difference between the UN and the Arc and Social Enterprise makes me believe that even if the UN was fully funded, we would still need Arc and Social Enterprise.

The United Nation is a international organization which was established to encourage international partnership. The UN works to maintain international peace, raise living standards, protect human rights and develop friendly relationships among countries. The UN also participates in international peacekeeping and conflict prevention. The UN does a good job when it comes to aiding countries after tragedies, however they often miss the individual issues which social enterprises strive to assist in.

Arc and Social Enterprises are similar to the UN except they operate on a more personal level. Unlike the UN, Arc and Social Enterprises work more in depth with communities or individuals to reach goals that will help the community prosper under their current hardship. Whether it be a financial, social or environmental goal, Arc and Social Enterprises work towards the goal to help better the community, which is something that the UN does not necessarily do. A good example of a Social Enterprise is “Solar Sister”. Solar Sister gives work to women while at the same time helping getting rid of harmful kerosene lamps which are the main source of light in many rural households. Solar Sister provides both economic and environment benefits for the areas of Uganda, Rwanda and Sudan.

solar sister

This is why I believe that even if the United Nations was fully funded, there would still be a need for Arc and Social Enterprise.





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