Mining gold at home?


B.C. First Nation Tsilhqot’in recently declared full protection of a big portion in Chilcotin as a tribal park. This declaration would prohibit Taseko from mining gold that worth 1.5 billion.

I think that the government should pass this declaration. Even before the Constitution Acts was passed in 1867, these aboriginal people have already been living there. If Taseko have any kind of large industrial mining there, these poor inhabitants will all have to migrate to an unfamiliar place.

From a business stand point, Companies should be well aware that dealing with aboriginals can be very tricky. Take into consideration that provincials court will most likely stand on Aboriginals’ side due to their rich history and also numerous acts passed just to protect their rights. In addition, paying them a compensation to leave will not do any good since money contains zero value to them.

Above all, invading someone’s home will be justified as an immoral act. Nowadays, business ethics are as important as generating endless profits . Therefore, I suggest Taseko to consider all the disadvantages in their business model in external environment and its implications on the business model canvas(e.g. customer relationships). Remember, one can have numerous ways to gain profits; it only takes one blow to destroy one’s brand image.




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