Carl’s Jr is famous for portraying its unhealthy foods to be desirable and wanted, often targeting teenagers or others whom are less educated or less informed regarding health and nutritions. This particular campaigns says “5 Good Reasons Not to Diet”, and below it, is listed 5 different types of Carl’s Jr’s burgers. This implies that costumers are recommended to not diet, but to be unhealthy by having their burgers instead. All of the burgers that they are advertising are all unhealthy; high in fat, high in calories, burgers. In terms of caloric intake, an adult is to have, in average, 2,000 calories per day. And in one of the burgers that is listed in this campaign, which is the Double Western Bacon Cheeseburger, is said to have 1,010 calories, according to the nutrition information on their website. That is already half of the caloric intake that you need to have in day, in just one meal. That is excluding the drinks, and/or side orders that most people would get alongside the burgers.

Without having the knowledge of health and nutrition, many people would fall into this campaign and buy their products because it was made to be desirable and delicious. However, even if you have the knowledge of health and nutrition, it would be difficult to know about the nutritional facts because they are not made to be easily accessible. If you would like to know, you would have to look it up on their website on your own. Thus, there might be many people who does not know that they are eating so much calories that they need in a meal, educated or not.

They are not promoting a healthy lifestyle, yet promoting a lifestyle that would help to increase risks of many illnesses, such as diabetes, cardiovascular problems, obesity, and many others.


What should they promote? What should they try to do? My altered message is “5 Good Reasons to Diet”. This is meant to change the audience’s perspectives of being un-responsible by not being active and just eating, but to look at it as a reward for being active. It is a win-win situation, Carl’s Jr are still promoting their products and at the same time it is also promoting an active lifestyle. Instead of not being active, and eating all the calories that their burgers provide, the heading “5 Good Reason to Diet” would hopefully encourage their audience to start being active and to see the burgers as their reward for being active, or maybe to order one of Carl’s Jr’s burgers and then burn off the calories afterward. Nonetheless, it implies a healthier lifestyle.

My second altered message is to include Carl’s Jr’s nutritional information on the campaign. This would educate the readers information regarding the food that they are eating, so that they would not be mislead. Customers would then know the nutritions and calories in the food that they are eating, and base their decisions on that information. I would hope that by having this nutritional information listed, consumers would learn to choose wisely of the food they they are ordering. It may be effective to some, and ineffective to some, but at least the customers are given the information. And whether or not it would change their perspective, it is completely up to them to decide.

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