Invited Speakers

Confirmed invited speakers

Confirmed tutorial speakers

Cedric Boeckx                     Thinking big: biolinguistics

Amy Rose Deal                   How agreement works, with special reference to A’-features

Marcel den Dikken             Copular constructions, A′-movement and A′-agreement

Mara Frascarelli                  Move and Agree as discourse-related dependencies

Hedde Zeijlstra                   The syntax and semantics behind A’-agree and A’-movement

Confirmed forum presenters

Nico Baier                            formal typology:      On the Nature of Complex A/A’-Probes

Chris Hammerly                  psycholinguistics:    Processing relativization in Ojibwe

Chris Reintges                     diachrony:                 Coptic hidden movement configurations

Susana Béjar and

Arsalan Kahnemuyipour Armenian and Persian: Agreement in binominal copular clauses

Victoria Chen                      Austronesian:  What agrees, why and how: A view from Austronesian

Michael Hamilton               Algonquian:     Agreement and discourse-configurationality in Algonquian

Marianne Huijsmans         Salishan:                   ʔayʔaǰuθəm subject agreement

Carol-Rose Little                 Mayan:                      Subextraction and Agree: A Mayan perspective

Martina Martinović            Atlantic-Congo:        Exhaustivity and Predication in A’-extraction in Wolof

Astrid van Alem and

Marjo van Koppen             Germanic:               The effect of A’-contexts on A-agreement

Jenneke van der Wal         Bantu:                        Information structure as A-syntax                      

Coppe van Urk                    Nilotic:      Feature-driven movement and the syntax of successive cyclicity 

Nicholas Welch                   Na-Dene:                  TBA