Meeting Minutes, 27 February 2017

ALA Meeting Minutes

ALA – Feb. 27, 2017 Meeting Notes

Date: Monday, February 27th
Time: 11:55 – 12:20 p.m.
Place: Trail Room
Members Present: Lucas Hill, Manfred Nissley, Claire Williams, Lara Maestro

Minutes from last meeting approved.

Library Tours: Special Aquarium Library is only available Thursday mornings, potentially March 9th or 16th. Early is better, be back for classes at 2. We have aimed for March 16th at 9:00 in the morning.

Wine Library – Completing Inventory – Perhaps a tour in a couple of months. Maybe aim for during summer hours.

UBC Library Tours – Biking around, wrap up with movie night. Aim more for the summer.

ACA Mixer: ACA Meeting on Thursday March 2nd, Claire will attend and talk to the ACA about possible ideas. Potentially at the end

Streaming of Information Webinars – Potentially as Events


Meeting Adjourned: 12:20 p.m.

Next Meeting: Monday, March 13th, at noon.


Meeting Minutes, 6 February 2017

ALA Meeting Minutes

ALA-Feb.6, 2017 MeetingNotes.docx

Date: Monday, February 6th, 2017
Time: 12:00 – 1:00 p.m.
Place: Trail Room
Members Present: Lucas Hill, Erin Flynn, Claire Williams, Shannon Cheng, Lara Maestro
Minutes: Lucas Hill


  • University of Washington Exchange
  • ALA Mixer
  • BCLA
  • Library Tours
  • Web Master

University of Washington

The University of Washington is still interested in an exchange, but are currently in the process of electing a new executive committee.  We will pursue this avenue afterwards, and Claire will remain in touch. We also must consider the ramifications of the new American politic establishment, and whether it will affect certain student’s ability to enter the U.S.

ALA Mixer

The ACA has been very busy with the Managing the Analogue Symposium at the moment, but afterwards Claire will go to an ACA meeting to discuss possibilities of a mixer.


The BCLA has an event planned for Freedom to Read Week. They will be having a talk on queer censorship on February 17th. This should suffice for Freedom to Read Week activities.

Library Tours

We would still like to conduct library tours at a variety of libraries within the city throughout the year. While we had originally anticipated reading week, parties were unable to establish a line of communication. Claire Williams will contact the Vancouver Aquarium Librarian about a possible tour during the month of March. We should encourage students to think of questions to ask, potentially about funding, collections’ management, etc.

We also discussed the Wine Library here at UBC managed by the food, nutrition and health department, or possibly the Wine Library in the Okanagan. There are many special interest libraries to consider. Claire Williams will establish contact.

Other possibilities include a Library Hop around UBC, using bikes between libraries on campus. A potential summer activitiy, it could include riding from various libraris on campus, like the Crane Library, which hosts Braille, the Brock Hall, which has Recording Centers and the Music Library, or the Film Library on campus.

New Webmaster

Erin Flynn has been elected as new webmaster! Yay!

Meeting Adjourned: 12:37 p.m.

Next Meeting: Monday, February 27th at noon for a half hour.

Meeting Minutes, February 6, 2017

ALA Meeting Minutes

January 23, 2017 Minutes

Date: Monday, January 23, 2017
Time: 12:00 pm
Place: Trail Room, SLAIS
Attendance: Claire, Lara, Shannon, Lucas, Erin


ALA Introductions:

  • Organize events, such as tours, panels, etc.
  • Scholarships

Event Ideas:

  • In the past:
    • Colouring stress buster and snacks during finals
    • Freedom to Read and BCLA
      • Panel on censorship and what it means for libraries providing access
    • Mixer with archival and library students
      • ALA and ACA mixer
    • ASL American Sign Language and serving differently abled patrons
    • LIS webinars
    • ALA Exchange with University of Washington


  • Mixer
    • Claire to get in touch with ACA
  • Student Exchange
    • Reading Break?
    • Contact University of Washing to schedule
  • Tours
    • Aquarium/ Vanaqua
    • Think of special libraries

Meetings: Mondays for now.

  • Lucas to send message to Core.

Positions open:

  • Co-Chair: Erin and Lara are interested
  • Secretary: Lucas
  • Webmaster: Erin is interested. Matthew Murray created absolutely amazing webmaster documents!

Meeting Adjourned.
Time: 12:40 pm.

Stick around for the screening of ALA Youth Media Awards 2017!

Meeting Minutes, March 8, 2016

ALA Meeting

March 8th, 2016 Minutes

12:00 pm –

In attendance: J’Amy McCracken, Elizabeth Moyer, Claire Williams
Claire led the meeting.

Agenda – Skip April meeting. Reconvene in May when school is back in session. Our normal meeting in April would have been after the semester ends and having a meeting during finals week is not practical either.

Called and passed motion to reimburse Jennette and Kaya for expenses for snacks for Freedom to read panel. Elizabeth agreed, J’Amy seconded the motion

ALA Informational Event – discuss possibility of such an event in the near perhaps in the near future or even September when the new cohorts come in. The goal is to raise the awareness of the department on who ALA is and what ALA does.

Progressive Librarians Guild – they would like our help on a round tables . Claire will reach out them. Showcase projects that students have been working on regarding Queer and Trans-spaces/libraries in libraries.

Meeting Minutes, January 12th, 2016

ALA Group Minutes

January 12th 2016 Minutes

ALA @ UBC student chapter

In Attendance: Alisah, Erin, Kaley, Evan, Pamela, Shannon, Elizabeth, Victoria, Dothlyn, J’Amy, Neeyati, Claire.
Minutes: J’Amy McCracken


  • Freedom to Read Week
  • Student Exchange
  • Future Meetings
  • Events and Interests

Freedom to Read Week
Feb 25th – planning on having a panel discussion on a challenged or banned book. Sent out a call for papers and a call for presentations. Trying to get someone from Journalism school.

Student exchange
U Washington. Dothlyn made contact but hasn’t heard back yet.

ALA – Who we are?
Student chapter of the ALA
Student Membership in the parent organization $36
Processing for applying – need proof of enrollment

Regular timings for meetings
Second Tuesday of every month
Inclusive for MAS and MLIS

Sharing, what we are doing? How are classes going? What events are happening in campus or in the community? We should be building up our professional contacts now.
Relationship building

ALA webcasts – planning an event for people to watch and discuss together


  • A mixer for MAS and MLIS. Something to bring us together.
  • Announcement: Progressive Librarians Guild, roundtable on collections. Focuses on diversity, access and community. Proactive now – looking for input from those who would like to see certain topics come up such as collections development.
    SLA panel discussion next week Wednesday 20th. 11:30 – 12:30 lunch will be provided.
  • Movie night.

Minutes approval process.
If you have anything to add please bring to the next meeting.

Meeting Minutes, September 11th, 2015

ALA Group Minutes

September 11th 2015 Minutes

Present: Christina Appleberry, Neeyati Shah, Kaley Young, Claire Williams, Simon Robins, Shannon Cheng, Dothlyn McFarlane, Evan Thompson, J’Amy McCracken

Minutes: Shannon Cheng

Next Meeting: Tuesday, October 13, 2015, 1pm Trail Room

  • Introductions of all present members
  • Future meetings: Second Tuesday of every month at 1pm in the Trail Room
  • Elections
    • Positions Open:
      • Co-chair: Dothlyn McFarlane and Claire Williams
        • Appleberry is leaving next January
      • Secretary: J’Amy McCracken
      • Co-webmaster: Evan Thompson
    • Review of previous events:
      • Panels
      • Freedom to Read Week:
        • Panel of intellectual freedom
      • Book exchanges

New Business

  • University of Washington Exchange
    • Early October, possibly Thanksgiving weekend (Monday Oct. 12)
    • Costs: Bolt Bus $12-18/way and food
    • Strong interest
  • ALA Membership: Student rate is $35
  • Events
    • Collaborating with English and Theatre programs at UBC for Freedom to Read Week (February)
    • Book-binding how-to
    • Partnering with Public Libraries association and readers advisory workshop
  • UBC ALA Swag
    • ALA logo
    • Evan to look at costs
  • ALA Exec:
    • Co-chairs: Christina Appleberry, Dothlyn McFarlane, and Claire Williams
    • Secretary: J’Amy McCracken
    • Treasurer: Mattias Olshausen
    • Co-webmasters: Evan Thompson and Shannon Cheng


Meeting Minutes, February 10th, 2015

ALA Group Minutes

February 10, 2015

Present: Sadie Tucker, Kaylin Anderson, Anna Ferri, Matthew Murray, Chloe Riley, Christina Appleberry, Alex Kuskowski, Alan Woo

Minutes: Sadie

  • University of Washington Exchange
    • Went very well. Thanks to everyone who helped out!
    • Bus tickets did not end up being used. Anna has bought them.
    • If we want to continue the exchanges, we need to get on it quickly. UoW operates on a fairly strict cohort system, so if we don’t communicate now then we will be dealing with all new people in September.
  • Programming panel
    • Also went very well!
    • Matthew took some photos.
    • Sara Green said she had a great time and is open to people contacting her to discuss public libraries and/or community work.
    • We may want to consider doing a panel on a similar topic again, as it was extremely popular with the students. Some said it was the best panel they had attended at SLAIS (yay!).
  • Tote bags/Swag
    • May just let this topic fade away. Those present at the meeting were not huge fans of making more stuff that then take up space.
    • We can consider doing a screen printing event if people are really interested in making tote bags.
  • Freedom to Read Week
    • February 24th, 9am-3:30pm
    • Discussion panel at noon
    • Need to do internal group emails to drum up attendance.
    • Need people to bring food and also to read.
    • Anna and Appleberry will be there all day.
    • Will have display with some books and bookmarks.
    • Will have post-its where people can write down some of their favourite banned or challenged books.
  • Attending Conferences Panel
    • March 25th, noon-1pm, Lillooet Room
    • Matthew and Anna have agreed to be on it. Sadie will contact Chelsea Shriver to see if she can attend.
    • Appleberry will pick up $10 gift cards for panellists.
    • Sadie will set up a Google Doc for questions.
    • Set-up: Sadie, Matthew, Anna
    • Will have another bake sale by donation. Sadie will send out an email.
  • Executive positions
    • Will have election next month (March) for webmaster, treasurer, and co-chair.

Freedom to Read Marathon Reading Event and Intellectual Freedom Panel

FREEDOMPlease join us for an all day event celebrating our Freedom to Read!

Sign up or drop in to read from your favourite challenged or banned book, or read from one of the many books we will have available. 9-12 & 1-3:30 Sign up at

Featuring a panel moderated by UBC University Librarian Ingrid Parent discussing how intellectual freedom is lived through everyday life experience and work. Light refreshments will be served.12-1pm

We will also have a Freedom to Write space and welcome everyone to come write and share your words.

Tweet to share your 3 favourite banned or challenged books using #FTRWeek. We’ll also have an (actually physical!) board where you you can write and post them at the event.

Come pick up a book mark on banned books or come read about current news on challenged, banned or censored materials in Canada.

The intellectual freedom panel at noon will feature:

Christopher Kevlahan, Branch Head at Joe Fortes VPL
Dr. Gregory Mackie, Assistant Professor, Department of English, UBC
Tara Robertson, Accessibility Librarian, CAPER-BC at Langara College
Miriam Moses, the Acquisitions Librarian at Burnaby Public Library

Moderated by Ingrid Parent, University Librarian, UBC

Programming Panel

P1030905We recently held a panel about programming libraries! Thank you to Sarah Felkar, Digital Access Librarian at West Vancouver Memorial Library, Sarah Green, community librarian at the Renfrew branch of VPL and an advocate for community-led libraries, and Devin Soper, a copyright liaison at UBC Library.