Week 5: Caudillos Versus the Nation State

As they say about the Cuba and in state of the nation: Cuba is still in a state of euphoria due to the revolution. I am paraphrasing and the phrase, presently, is only applicable to very few Cuban’s, if any. I see this euphoria as similar to the identity of South Americans. In my opinion, the term and idea of liberation and liberty has, in itself, had more of an affect on the South Americans than the actual feat of liberating the continent from the colonial system.  I think this plays a part into why authority broke down after the independence. The people of the continent were freed by name (to an extent), but not by practice or by non-partisan means which allowed the colonial system to transcend into the post-independence era.

Liberalism is appealing because to offers you the right to your birth rights and gives you a sense of government which also seeks to protect and improve your personal freedoms. It is more of a long term fulfilment as I see it. Clientelism on the other hand is something focused on reward and temporal happiness. Materialism could connote clientelism. Something also similar with what you do with spoiled children or just children in general: reward for the smallest feats.




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