Week 2- Student Videos

The videos gave me helpful ideas in order for me to make an affective video! As I watched the videos it was obvious which ones intrigued me and which ones bored me.

The best videos were informative, capturing and the information was layer out clearly. Week Eleven’s video “The Terror” was very well done as the students spoke clearly and slowly, giving us listeners time to process the information. There were pictures and videos which helped the speakers display a sense of image to us. As well as Week Eight’s video “Independence Narratives, Past and Present” where, the students made a video seeming like a talk show. I found this entertaining and I will remember the information they displayed because of it.

On the other hand, there were videos that either had nothing going on or too many pictures and videos. The videos such as Week Five “Caudillos Versus The Nation” ¬†and Week Twelve ” Speaking Truth To Power” had no visuals, this got rather boring and it was hard to concentrate on the two students . Giving us nothing to connect to and there for could not absorb what we just learnt.



1 thought on “Week 2- Student Videos

  1. cynthia lightbody

    Hi! I agree that the videos with no visuals were not as entertaining as those with visuals. I think it’s easier to absorb the information being shared in the video when visuals are included, especially for those of us who are visual learners!


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