Scope and Rationale for the Anti-Racist Resource Guide

After understanding the concept of anti-racism, educators must develop strategies to implement this into their pedagogy, the curriculum, and our education systems. By employing resources from diverse, marginalized voices into our classroom, we can promote anti-racism and create a learning environment centered around anti-racist values. In this blog, I have curated a list of many excellent resources, from books and articles, to films, websites, poems and more. These resources are aimed at better engaging students of all ages in these issues, and connecting them to current events in our society. Social studies teachers can use these resources to help explain, emphasize, and demonstrate what anti-racism is, how we can implement it, and how it relates to education and students’ lives outside of school. Most of the resources I have curated are for teachers to incorporate into their lessons for students. However, some of these resources aim to broaden teachers’ own understanding, specifically to help guide social studies educators in teaching through an active anti-racist pedagogy. Some of these resources may also be provided to students to explore on their own time, as teachers may be restricted by the curriculum objectives or specific course content they are expected to teach. Although many of these resources focus on anti-black racism, many of these resources can be applied to anti-racism in general, and can be brought into conversations about racism, discrimination, and oppression against all different groups and communities.

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