My Social Media Wedding

My wedding is a month away and right now much of my time is spent on planning, organzing, collaborating and communicating about it. Most of that work is done via social media.

The goal for our wedding is to have an event that is fun, easy, and cheap. Social media has helped us make that happen. Here’s a timeline of my wedding planning efforts that highlights how social media has been a great tool in this process:

  • I did my first wedding research on blogs, particularly on Offbeat Bride
  • I bought my wedding dress off another bride on Craigslist . It was a very positive experience and I ended up with a fabulous designer dress for very cheap.
  • We bought our engagement rings on Etsy
  • Instead of sending out “Save the Dates”, I created a Facebook event for the wedding. This gave guests the date and basic details about what was going to happen so they could state their attendance, ask questions, and leave comments.
  • I created a basic wedding website where guests could RSVP and find additional information.
  • Our wedding is going to be a potluck and potlucks require a lot of pre-planning in order to be a success. I created a wiki page where guests can share what they are bringing to the potluck ahead of time. So far this hasn’t been a complete success–only guests who are familiar with wikis seem to have volunteered this information as of yet.
  • My sister is my wedding planner. She’s sharing her process/ideas on her personal blog and keeping track of her ideas on Pinterest.
  • We planned our honeymoon with Hipmunk — I wouldn’t say this is a social media site, but it is a highly recommended tool.
  • After the wedding is over, the photographs will be posted on Facebook and Flickr (for non-Facebook users).

I researched the uses of social media in wedding planning and there are tons of  tools out there. Now I’m wondering what else I should use…

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