About the study

This is a multi-provincial study that is recruiting participants in British Columbia, Alberta, and Ontario. The principal investigators, Dr. Noah Silverberg (British Columbia), Dr. Chantel Debert (Alberta), and Dr. Mark Bayley (Ontario), are inviting people who have experienced a concussion to enroll in this study.

Behavioural interventions may help people get better after concussion. These kinds of intervention programs involve learning what you can do to maximize your recovery. They do not involve medications or medical devices. It remains unclear how well behavioural interventions work and which kinds work best for which people.

Therefore, the goal of our research study is to evaluate and compare different behavioural intervention programs for concussion.

Each program will be delivered remotely, meaning that you can participate from your own home, using your smartphone, tablet, or computer. The study findings will help us understand how to provide effective, tailored remote concussion care.


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