dr. alan richardson

Professor and Distinguished University Scholar
Department of Philosophy
University of British Columbia
Vancouver, BC  V6T 1Z1
+604.822.3967 (office)

Alan Richardson works on the relations of history of philosophy and history of science in the era since Kant. A specialist in the history of philosophy of science, he is author of Carnap’s Construction of the World (Cambridge UP, 1997) and is currently writing a book that uses resources from STS to illuminate the history of logical empiricist “scientific philosophy” and its lingering effects on the research organization of academic philosophy to the present day.

He is a member of the UBC Science and Technology Studies Graduate Program. He is a Professor in the UBC Department of Philosophy. He is Past President of the International Society for the History of Philosophy of Science (HOPOS) and First Vice-President of the Canadian Society for History and Philosophy of Science.

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