alan richardson is professor and distinguished university Scholar in the Department of Philosophy at the University of British Columbia. He is currently also the chair of UBC’s Science and Technology Studies Graduate Program, which will admit its first students in autumn 2012.

A past President of the International Society for the History of Philosophy of Science (HOPOS), Richardson is now a co-chair of the HOPOS 2012 program committee as well as a member of the Governing Board of the Philosophy of Science Association (PSA). He serves as node manager for the BC Node of the Situating Science SSHRC Knowledge Cluster Grant.

Richardson is on the editorial board of The HOPOS Journal and of The Open Court’s Collected Works of Rudolf Carnap. Among his invited speaking engagements are the 2005 Hans Reichenbach Lecture for the Department of Philosophy at UCLA, the 2009 Alberto Coffa Lecture for the Department of History and Philosophy of Science at Indiana University, and the 2011 O’Neill Lectures in History of Philosophy for the Department of Philosophy at the University of New Mexico.

He is the author of one monograph, over forty essays, and several book reviews. He has co-edited three anthologies of original philosophical work and has edited or co-edited five special issues of journals, most recently the December 2009 and 2010 special issues of Philosophy of Science, which published papers from the 2008 PSA Meeting for which he served as program chair.

Significant Publications Since 2008

“But What Then Am I, This Inexhaustible, Unfathomable Historical Self?” SYNTHESE, 178 (2010): 143-154

“Ernst Cassirer and Michael Friedman: Kantian or Hegelian Dynamics of Reason?”. Synthesis and the Growth of Knowledge. Ed. Michael Dickson and Mary Domski. Chicago: The Open Court, 2010. 279-294.

“Scientific Philosophy as a Topic for History of Science”. Isis. 99.1 (2008): 88 – 96.

“Solomon’s Science Without Conscience”. Perspectives on Science. 16.3 (2008): 246 – 252.

“Carnapian Pragmatism”. The Cambridge Companion to Carnap. Ed. Michael Friedman and Richard Creath. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2008. 295 – 315.

“Philosophy of Science in America”. Oxford Handbook of American Philosophy. Ed. Cheryl Misak. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2008. 339-374.


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