Speech Contest: “What Multilingualism Means to Me”

On Thursday, November 3rd (3:30-5pm) in the Asian Studies Auditorium, we will be hosting an English-language Speech Contest on the meaning of multilingualism to individual students. This event will take place in the early evening at 7pm and feature up to 15 students presenting 4-to-6-minute speeches on a topic relating to their experience of multilingualism. The theme for this event is “What Multilingualism Means to Me,” but suggested topics include becoming multilingual; multilingualism and belonging; multilingualism in the media; the value of language learning; and living multilingually. This event is ideal for students at the early stages of language learning or in literature/culture courses that engage texts in translation to facilitate reflection on language that supports L2 learning outcomes and critical inquiry into the role of language in the lives of our students. Please see this document, Multilingual Speech Contest, for more details.


First Place: Eva Cowley and Alexandra Dang
Second Place: Mahsa Laghaei
Honourable Mentions: Esther Lu, Rayan El-Tarchichi, Romina Hajizadeh, and Kaitlyn Ha