Asian Critical Theory

Asian Critical Theory (AsianCrit), an offshoot of Critical Race Theory (CRT), which ideally both address the experiences and voices of Asian Americans and challenge White master narrative (Iftikar & Museus, 2018; Museus & Iftikar, 2014) was the theory we are to utilize. As Chang (1993) claimed, AsianCrit fulfills the need for a conceptual framework that centers on the racial realities of Asian Americans. However, he also notes that Critical Race Theory has not appropriately addressed the differences between the history and experiences of Asian Americans and other racial groups. According to Asian critical scholars, one of the most apparent forms of racism against Asian Americans is the racialization of Asian Americans as “perpetual foreigners” (Wu, 2002, p. 81), which positions Asian Americans as one of “other” minorities under the White culture of the United States (Huynh et al., 2011). This practice sustains the lacking voices and awareness of Asian American educators in education.

Asian Canadian scholars’ situation is quite different from Asian American scholars. However, there was limited literature on AsianCrit in the Canadian context. We believe it is important for Asian Canadian scholars to get together and find what does AsianCrit means to us.

Event co-hosts: Sandrine Han, Fei Wang, Sunera Thobani

Asian Heritage Month