Monthly Archives: October 2016

Very Late Introduction


I am terribly sorry that I haven’t done this yet- but better late than never?

So, I guess I’m supposed to tell you about myself.

I’m Asia, and I’m from Squamish BC (aka the self-proclaimed outdoor recreation capital of Canada) so if you want to know about like hiking trails I can probably help you out. I’ve been dancing ballet for 14 years, and I also enjoy singing, acting, and playing my various musical instruments.

I joined Arts One because writing has always been my biggest academic weakness, and I figured that since I can’t avoid essays in university, I may as well try to get better at writing them. I am really appreciative of the small class, and of the tutorial group, and how we get to be closer with our prof than in other classes. So far, I’m finding the biggest struggle is actually trying to do some work for my other classes, since I’m always so focus on this one.

For now, I’m thinking of potentially majoring in either linguistics or Asian studies (i’m Asia the half-Asian, so I may as well make my whole life a pun), but I wouldn’t be surprised if I ended up changing my mind like a million times.

I speak French aaaaaalmost fluently (?), and I’m sort of the fangirl type, so if you want to speak French or talk about geeky stuff, come talk to me! Also, I realize that I look sad/angry all the time, but I’m not- it’s just my face.

Soon yeah, thanks. See you Wednesday!