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Ever wanted to make some money selling video commercials but just wasn’t quite sure you were technical enough? You’re not alone. Thankfully, one trend that has been appearing online is technology to complete techy-tasks without the technical know-how. There’s been a wave of tools that provide a, “what you see is what you get” platform like WYSIWYG text editor. This has now been translated to the video world with tools like Explaindio Video FX or Video Maker FX basically enabling for drag-and-drop editing of videos that would be a highly complicated process traditionally.

The next trend is “the cloud” where more software and tools have transitioned from resource-heavy installation on your PC to an online based solution. This adds convenience to customers in terms of accessibility. It also makes easier to get started and hence reducing the barrier to entry for customers. You know one thing in an effective product sales is to anticipate your target-customer response; it seems with the competition in online tools that product developers are not only anticipating their target-customer response but also actively resolving these concerns. As the process of innovation, tools become more tailored for a specific target audience.

Another recent introduction to this space is a more niche-based video commercial templates editor. The online tool was created by Matt Bush who has been doing offline consulting for businesses when he identified the need for low-cost commercials. While solutions such as Video Maker FX and Explaindio Video Creator exists for video commercials creation, as the progression of development – tools become more specific in its niche targeting.

EZ Video Creator allows for an individual to edit a pre-set for commercials available on their cloud platform to customize it for a specific business. This basically takes a video commercial template and switches the branding for the specific business in the intended niche. Matt hopes this will help small businesses with affordable video commercials.

EZ Video Creator is a great source for lazy but inventive Sauder students. Go out and earn your tuition by selling video commercials to local businesses in Vancouver without having to do the video editing. (typically I’d advocate against copy-pasting video commercials but if you provide full transparency you can still sign on quite a few business owners for a small fee – charging mainly for the customization and giving them the standard video free – then use it as an foot in the door to upsell. The key is providing stellar service and value on the onset to make it an opportunity to upsell further services as they grow).

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