About Me

About Me

Welcome to my blog! My name is Billy So, and I am a BC Certified Teacher. I am always open to exploring new ways to teach mathematics to my students, as well as researching more about math history. My favorite hobby is playing the drums and the guitar.

Teaching Experiences

Private Mathematics Tutors

  • Aid various students from kindergarten to second year university students with math
  • Prepare homework and tests for students within their math level
  • Teach many mathematical topics such as algebra, calculus, complex variables, linear algebra and mathematical proofs

StudyPug – Video Presenter of Mathematics

  • Record math lessons and posts them online for users to watch
  • Develop the curriculum for high school and university level mathematics and prepares the slides

UBC SOS – First/Second Year Mathematics Instructor

  • Created math review sessions for first and second year students to prepare them for upcoming midterms and finals
  • Made and posted additional sample questions and solutions online for students to practice
  • Taught mathematical subjects such as Calculus II, Linear Algebra, and Calculus III

Magee Secondary – Mathematics Teaching Assistant for Academically Disabled Students

  • Teach and tutor disabled students who need assistance in mathematics and other science related courses
  • Supervise all students grade 8-12 in the classroom and provide assistance with online assignments and in-class homework

Peer Counselor

  • Aided grade 8 students, while transitioning to high school and dealt with emotional stress and psychological issues
  • Educated students about social networking and responsibility

Peer Tutor

  • Tutored students in grades 8-12 in various subjects
  • Helped students achieve academic success

My Teaching Philosophy

As a teacher, I believe that classroom management is insufficient on its own because it is very teacher-centered, and does not create trust between the teacher and the students. In fact, this is true for inner-city classrooms, where teachers rely heavily on teacher control and student obedience  Classrooms like these simply do not have a community built in. My basic teaching philosophy is that to become a good teacher, teachers must create trust with the students by sharing responsibilities & communicate with their students, as well as intrinsically motivate them to be more interested in the course content, and promote collaborative learning. Traditional classroom management certainly does not connect with my teaching philosophy. Therefore, rather than focusing on enhancing classroom management alone, we need to turn our eyes towards developing a positive classroom environment. The reason why I want to create a classroom environment that focuses more than just classroom management is because I want to shape a community in which students feel belonged. I want to treat students more as citizens, rather than tourists.