January Biorenewables Café

by Valdeir Arantes ~ January 7th, 2014. Filed under: Upcoming Café.

Dear friends of the Biorenwables Café,

Our next Café will happen on Tuesday January 21st, from 5:30-7pm at at the Railway Club on 579 Dunsmuir St.

In this café, Chris Bush will lead a friendly, informal discussion on sustainable agriculture through biorefineries. A sustainability pioneer from Abbotsford, Chris took the first anaerobic digester for agriculture in British Columbia from concept, through construction, to operation, and became the first in North America to deliver renewable natural gas from a farm to a utility grid.
His company has designed a four-product system that starts with dairy and poultry manure, produces biogas, ethanol, animal feed, and reusable water, all with zero waste. From the beginning it was understood that anaerobic digestion is only one piece of the solution, and he continues his work with a proposal for the BC Centre for BioResource Innovation.


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