New and improved Add User function.

For those that have experienced difficulty in the past adding users to your blog we now have an improved Add User function.

To add additional users to your blog go to the same location Users->Add Users.

You can add a list of emails (one per line). If the email is in the system they will be sent an invite notice and added once they login. If the user is not in the system they will be directed to UBC Blogs sign up page after authenticating against CWL. Once the user signs up and logs in they will be added to the blog.

Student/Staff/Facully ID numbers can also be used. If the user is already in the system they will be added the next time they login. Users not in the system will have to be instructed to go to the signup/login page THEY WILL NOT BE AUTOMATICALLY BE ADDED until they login in for the first time.

**Right now there is a bug associated with Private Blogs users will get Access Denied when clicking the invite link. We are working on a fix.