Weekly jQuery Migrate Status Update Email

Over the weekend, many of you will have received an email with a subject of “Weekly jQuery Migrate Status Update”. It is an email telling you that it’s a “weekly summary of the warnings still present on your site“. These emails are legitimate – so not a phishing attempt – but they are annoying, especially to those of you who are administrators on several sites. There is no action required on your part. They are from a plugin that we have needed to install as we prepare to upgrade to the most recent version of WordPress. Unfortunately, during testing, I (Rich Tape) missed the fact that these emails were sent and the method we had in place to stop them…didn’t stop them. I’m really sorry. The good news is that we’ve now put in place, and verified, a method to stop these emails being sent. The bad news is, it’s quite possible your inbox was an absolute mess this morning.

Thank you to those of you who asked if if they were real – worried about potential phishing attempts, I’m really glad to see folks are being cautious about that, and I’m sorry to raise your bat senses unnecessarily. And another thanks to the many of you who have submitted tickets to the LT Hub about these messages.

And a final thanks for your patience.