10 Reasons Why Flip Flops are Awesome

I used to think that flips flops were footwear sent from hell, along the same lines with crocs, Birkenstocks and gladiator sandals:

Recently though, I’ve taken a real liking for them, so much so that I actually went hunting for a good pair of them for a week. Then when Hollister had a 20% off sale (still going on by the way if you’re interested) and I got a great pair for $14. Although it’s bit pricier than what I would pay, these are real comfy and look pretty good too.


Comfort first.

After wearing them for a few weeks, I’ve come up with my list of reasons why flip flops aren’t fashion faux pas and why they are awesome.

  1. Your feet enjoy the fresh air. It’s a great relief from having them stuffed in Vans or runners all day when you’re out, especially when it’s been pretty hot out.
  2. Easy in, easy out. Just slip them on when you’re in a hurry and take them off whenever you step inside the house.
  3. Take them off even when you’re out. Sometimes the thing between your toes isn’t very comfortable. So just take off your flops for a bit and get comfortable.
  4. No socks. Along the same lines with having your feet stuffy in things, socks aren’t great.
  5. No smelly feet when you take them off. The air naturally disperses the odours so they’re sorta clean smelling, not that I’ve smelled them before.
  6. Lots of styles. There’s plastic ones for the swimming pool or the beach. Leather ones to go out. Plenty of colours and fabrics. You won’t be bored with what you wear, just like shoes.
  7. Cheaper than your average shoe. The first pair of flip flops I’ve ever had were from Old Navy. I bought them a year ago at their annual $2 flip flop sale. They were plastic and cheap, but I could only stand wearing them for a week. But the good ones I got from Hollister were only $14, much cheaper than $40 that I’d often buy my shoes for.
  8. They make music. The clap clap sound is like your personal theme song when you’re out and about.
  9. Show off your toes and accessories. Got a great pedicure? Why not show them off to the world when you’re wearing your flops? I don’t paint my toe nails, but I know most girls do so why not take them out for a spin and show off your colours? Also, if you have tattoos or rings on your toes, flip flops gives them ample catwalk time.
  10. Wear them anytime, anywhere, with anyone. Someone I know from school wears flip flops everyday of the year if he can. Snow, hail, rain, it don’t matter. Flip flops are pretty appropriate for any occasion.

Go on and get yourself some flip flops! You won’t regret it.