It’s that time of year… already?

I got 2 big news from my friends:

1. JC got accepted to Geisel school of medicine in Dartmouth. Holy crap. That’s pretty damn good. Even though it is a Canadian-friendly US med school, it’s still an Ivy League school! I’m happy for her, congrats!! I asked, and JC said it’s one of the top choices so I don’t know if JC’s staying in Van… but JC will apparently wait to hear back from the other Canadian med schools as well. Still though, if I had the money I would definitely go to Dartmouth. Seems so exciting.

2. Water Essence got into sciences! Aha I knew you’d get in! He’s coming in from Forestry and I know he worked hard to get in the entire year. I’m definitely rooting for him to go into ISCI but who knows. I definitely know he’s going to be much happier now considering he’ll take more science courses and he’ll be with his friends.

Meanwhile, just patiently waiting for May 15th…