Take My Money

No truer words have been said on TV, Fry.

A few years back, a friend and I had a running joke about the words “need” and “want” because in most cases when you say you “need something”, you actually don’t. To illustrate:

  • Need is when something is necessary, like when I whisper into the telephone to the police, “I NEED this stalker out of my house.”
  • Want is when you desire something, such as, “I really WANT my dad to stop asking me what am I doing when I am in the bathroom.”

In most cases, people say they need some sort of object, like a jacket, a new computer or some space. We’d correct each other and say, “Is that a need or a want?” or “What kind of space, like the one between your eyebrows and your hairline because it’s come soon, dude.” But then there are instances when we knew in the depths of our hearts that we really needed this object in our lives because it’s too awesome and for f***’s sake just TAKE MY MONEY NOW.

Here are some things I recently saw and then proceeded to throw money at my laptop screen but nothing happened because I realized that I am an unemployed student and the “money” I was throwing were pieces of my hopes and dreams. Yes, this just got dark fast. Now onto the beautiful objects of necessity.

Macbook Pro with Retina Display

TopBrewer Coffee faucet by Scanomat – with iPhone control


Monolito and Megalito carbon fiber table

GroundWave Shadow Trainer that teaches you how to dance

iSad: RIP Steve Jobs

Today, a man heralded as the greatest CEO and our generation’s Thomas Edision, has passed away.

Steve Jobs had a cult of loyal followers who collected e-mails sent by him. He was a perfectionist who required the best out of his company. He revived Apple from the ashes. He was a┬ávisionary and innovator who truly helped our world embrace technology not only as a tool, but as enjoyment, communication and part of our daily life. The calibre of Apple’s products have allowed greater competition and even better innovation for the world to experience. You don’t have to love the Apple company or own an iProduct or be an Apple Fan Boy to have been affected by Steve.

Steve is first a foremost a person who dared us to keep hungry, be foolish and think differently. He gave himself high goals and exceeded them. He is the definition of innovation. The world will not be the same without him. Thank you for all that you have done. Rest in Peace.