UBC Green Party resurrects from the dead. See you at AMS Club Days!

We’re open to everyone interested in green ideas–YES, even if you’re new to political issues and even if you appreciate other political parties. Diversity rules! Membership in the club is only $1 and we have some executive positions open for students who are looking to take on more active roles.

We will be at AMS Club Days in the SUB, this Wednesday to Friday (September 19-21) and hope to see you there.

You can also e-mail ubcgreens(@)gmail.com to get in contact, and our Facebook page is here.

Several Green-inclined students have come together to revive the UBC Green Party club.  I am personally joining the club because I am both inspired and outraged.  I am inspired by Elizabeth May and her election to parliament, by the Green Party of Canada Convention held in August this year (watch my video blog about the convention here), and by the promising and fresh vision the Greens have for Canada in the 21st century.  I am outraged at failed policies, politics, and political systems.