Silence: A Poem

I am eternal

I have existed and will exist

I am the first and the last

Ever present and powerless

I am empty in voice

I am the voice of the empty

I am mute and cannot speak

Yet great is my multitude of words

I am knowledge, I am ignorance

I am shameless, I am ashamed

I am strength, I am weakness

I cause war, and I am what they fight for

I am unlearned, yet you learn from me

I am the one you have hidden from

Yet I am before your very eyes

For whenever you open your mouth, I hide from you

I am a sound not often heard

Drowned out by your sea of words

Endlessly spewing forth like a deluge of water from a hurricane

Wiping out sanity

I am an empty gap of time, often stuffed with empty words

When it could be better used

To pause

And figure out what to say

I am an art

So quickly lost

An art of staying still and being calm

Lost amidst a world of go go go


Were born into this world

Kicking and screaming

Giving answers before you truly hear

Until the day you return into my realm.

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