Colour As A Marketing Tool?

The marketing of a brand is extremely important in it’s success. Marketing refers to how the brand is presented to the public. People are bombarded with advertisements for countless different products from different brands daily, as such not all are memorable. The most successful advertisements are the ones that are subconsciously absorbed due to its consistency with the consumer’s prior knowledge or experience. So in order to be successful, a brand should relate itself to something the consumer is familiar with.

The blog post The Psychology of Colours in Marketing, by Kyle Reyes, explains that one way to create familiarity is through marketing using colour. As explained in the blog post, there is a general objective perception of meaning behind colours. The meaning we associate with colours may be subconscious but it exists. Understanding what meanings people generally associate with each colour presents an opportunity for marketers to strengthen their brand. Reyes explains the association with several colours such as green, blue, and yellow.

TD Bank Logo

TD Bank Logo

Green is associated with growth, blue is associated with trust, confidence, and dependability, and yellow conveys optimism. Think of brands that use these colours and see if their colours accurately relate to their brand image. An example I thought of is TD Bank, having a green logo which subconsciously relates to growth, something you definitely want to see from a bank.


“The Psychology of Colours in Marketing” Blog Post:

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