Organizational Culture of Hootsuite

An authentic brand image of a company should extend to the internal values and practices of the company, which can be referred to as the company’s organizational culture. Organizational culture is the behaviour of employees in a company, including shared values and customs that must be accepted by new members. The office environment of a company sheds light onto the organizational culture.

An example of brand image aligning with organizational culture is a Vancouver based start up company called Hootsuite. Hootsuite is a rapidly growing company that manages other company’s social media marketing. Hootsuite prides itself on being an innovative, collaborative, unique company. The organizational structure, showcased by it’s new office workplace design, supports these attributes.

Hootsuite’s new office space has been created in a manner that promotes informal “collisions” hootsuite-office-tent-compressor-660x440which benefits the overall innovation of the employees. Long lunch tables, multipurpose areas,  a breakout area of multipurpose tents, and ping pong tables increase the transactions between employees thus increasing their collaboration. Other employee benefits such as extensive Canadian decorations increasing aesthetic pleasure, a choice in stand or sit desk space, and a dog friendly office increase employee satisfaction. These features seem to be for employee satisfaction, and they are, but the true motive is to increase the productivity of the workplace. The creatively designed office space has resulted in increased productivity of the company.

hootsuite-office-canadiana-2-compressor-660x440                       hootsuite-office-dogs-2-compressor-660x440


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