Asia Empire Geography Institutional/cultural/religious Religious Typology

Chōsen Jingū: A Religious Entity Exploited in a “non-religious” Manner 1925 – 1945

Shintō as a distinguished religious belief system from Buddhism, has no fixed dogmas or strict scriptures but more readily preserved and observed through the common social life. Shrine Shintō, Shintō meaning “the way of the kami,” are sacred spaces where people worship the Shintō gods. Shintō rituals stress the harmony between deities, man and nature, […]

Empire Industrial/resource extraction Infrastructure Race Settler colonialism

The United Fruit Company – Banana Plantations 1899

The concept of western entities occupying, governing, and exploiting natural resources and native people from “foreign” places around the world has been heavily documented in the relation to sugar and cotton plantations however, similar practices were and still being executed in a wide range of fields. In 1899 the United Fruit Company was formed, being […]

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