Asia British Domestic/residential

The Bungalow: A Colonial Residence

If you were to conjure an image of a Victorian colonial lifestyle, perhaps imagine yourself as a British officer stationed in rural India, you may picture this typical scene; a leisurely afternoon spent on a shaded verandah, surrounded by a lush garden dutifully tended by household staff. This idyllic domestic scene of colonial life within […]

Asia British Community/urbanism Public/government

The Rajabai Clock Tower, 1869-1878: Imperial Symbol on the Horizon

In the late nineteenth century, Bombay transformed from a city of warehouses to become one of Britain’s finest imperial cities.  As trade, wealth, and the population flourished, the colonial government embarked on the long-contemplated project of demolishing the old fort walls, to make room for the envisioned metropolis1. As Preeti Chopra discusses in her book, […]

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