British Europe Garden/park/landscape

The Palm House at Kew Gardens: Iron, Climate Control and Commercialism

On the outskirts of London, UK, lies Kew, home to the Royal Botanical Garden and its Palm House conservatory. This significant glass house was designed by Decimus Burton and constructed by Richard Turner from 1844 to 1848, although there has been some debate as to who rightfully lays claim to the design1. The Palm House […]

Institutional/cultural/religious Portuguese South America

Brazil’s Imperial Academy of Fine Art: Colonial Control Through Culture

Down one of the many paths of Rio de Janeiro‚Äôs botanical garden stands a grand neoclassical portal, the arched entrance, classical columns, frieze and pediment are all that remain of the Imperial Academy of Fine Art (figure 1). The plan of the Academy shows that it was once much larger (figure 2), after being built […]

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