Yiddish Courses for Winter Session 2024/25

UBC Vancouver’s Department of Central, Eastern and Northern European Studies will begin teaching Yiddish language in Fall 2024, under the course codes YDSH 101 and YDSH 102. The course is meant for curious learners who want to know more about Yiddish-speaking culture and who want to dedicate time to learning Yiddish itself. Yiddish is a thriving, lively, beautiful language worth loving and caring for in all its details and variations. It is the key secular language for millions of Jewish people throughout history, and through vast regions of Europe, the Américas, and beyond. It is key to connecting with ancestors and traditions, as well as for music, literature, and everyday culture around the world.

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Get in inspired for Yiddish with


Yiddishpop: Short animated video clips in Yiddish. Clicking on the picture puzzle icon brings up a page you can read in English that covers the basic vocabulary and grammar learned in each short film.

15 Minute Yiddish with Motl Didner


More inspiring resources to learn Yiddish

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