About CFLS

The Centre for Feminist Legal Studies (CFLS) was established at the Faculty of Law, University of British Columbia in 1997. Its purpose is to enhance the visibility of feminist legal studies at UBC and to strengthen co-operation in research, teaching, and graduate student supervision between scholars working with the Faculty of Law and elsewhere at UBC, as well as links and collaborations between scholars working in different university and community settings in British Columbia , nationally and internationally. The Centre offers meeting space, resources, and networking opportunities to scholars and students at UBC; attracts graduate students and visiting scholars; obtains funding support for activities related to feminism and law; and enhances links between the Faculty, community groups interested in feminist legal studies, and the wider community in British Columbia.

For more information about the current activities of the CFLS, see our blog post Welcome to the CFLS!

Steering Committee 2015-2016

Janine Benedet (Director), Isabel Grant (Director), Margot Young, Lynn Smith, the  LL.M./Ph.D. Rep., and the J.D. Rep..

International Advisory Board

Ning Alcuitas-Imperial, Guimei Bai, Brenna Bhandar, Gillian Calder, Silvia Chejter, Chao-ju Chen, Dorothy Chunn, Angela P. Harris, Martha Fineman, Joanne Fiske, Reg Graycar, Didi Herman, Nitya Iyer, Saras Jagwanth, Kiyoko Kinjo, Ratna Kapur, Louise Langevin, Hester Lessard, Mary Jane Mossman, Valerie Raoul, Ruthann Robson, Nan Seuffert, Madam Justice Lynn Smith and Kim Stanton.

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