Posted by: | 26th Sep, 2010

Revisiting the Enbridge Case

This blog post is a follow up to the last one I wrote about Enbridge’s oil line bursting and spilling a huge quantity of oil into a Michigan river. After further investigation it turns out that Enbridge may actually not be at fault for the incident, or at the very least not completely at fault.

For the full article, follow this link:

There were a number of breaches of protocol in the construction surrounding this oil pipeline, and it seems that the municipal government where the spill occurred is to blame for these. The offenses include large rocks surrounding the pipeline, a municipal water line too close to the pipeline, and heavy traffic on the road above the pipeline.

I thought it was important to follow up on this story, especially since I was very critical of Enbridge in my earlier post. I was talking about business ethics, and I don’t believe that showing the incomplete story is the very ethical.

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