Posted by: | 5th Dec, 2010

Groupon Says No

In our last class on Thursday, Mr. Cubbon said that Groupon’s response to Google’s $6 billion buyout offer would come down in the next day or two, and sure enough on Friday they gave their answer. It was a resounding no.

Take a look at an article summarizing the proposal here:

Groupon is only a couple years old, and if I am one of its founders I have a few thoughts going through my head given the offer by Google. The first question that I ask myself is if the company has the potential to grow to be worth more than $6 billion. Since it is only two years old, I think the answer to that question is yes

To me, the far more difficult question is whether I want to sell the organization that I have created and be done with it, or if I want to be a part of it as it grows. The more time that I spend at Sauder, the more I realize that there is much more to entrepreneurship than building something and then flipping it. If I become an entrepreneur someday, I think I’ll want to nurture what I have made, because it will be more rewarding than just taking the money and running.

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