Posted by: | 25th Mar, 2011

My Greatest Lesson Learned From Someone Else

The greatest lesson that I have learned from someone else is something that I have actually learned from a number of different people, through a number of different situations. The message has been the same though: follow your passion in your career and you will be successful. However you might measure your success in life, you will achieve it if you do what you are passionate about.

This lesson has come both directly and indirectly from both the successful and the unsuccessful alike. I have had it told to me very explicitly by accountants, entrepreneurs and financial analysts who were in love with what they did. I have also taken this lesson indirectly by speaking to people working in business who were obviously unexcited by their work, and who seemed to have the same negative attitudes when it came to other aspects of their lives. I believe that this lesson is a valuable one that will lead to not only a successful career, but success in life as well.

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