Module 1 Post 1 – Re-Indigenizing Digital Spaces

Based on the readings from week 1, there is the question of whether or not or to what extent can/should technology be incorporated into Aboriginal education, especially when it seems to contradict pillar forms of Indigenous knowing and learning.

I was able to meet with at least one Aboriginal Educator who believes that the internet will be vital in spreading awareness about his people (specifically the Anishinabe) and Indigenous people in Canada and wants to build his digital toolbox.  His name is Eddy Robinson and he is part of Morningstar River – their website is here:

When he came into speak he used Keynote through his Mac, and did mostly lecture-style teaching.  He left things open for student questions, but the group was shy, unfortunately.  He opened and closed the time with a song, and had brought a drum with him.  Afterwards, he spoke about how he on the one hand wants to make some resources available online, but is conflicted about making all knowledge available to anyone.  For example, he mentioned creating a video about the process of smudging that he would post but make private, with a limited time-frame of viewability to groups that had invited him in.  I think he was feeling aware that a ‘safe space’ (his words) is created where he is invited, but the internet is not equally safe.  That said, he cited his friend and colleague Wab Kenew (and specifically his ‘8th Fire’ series) as a way that technology is spreading what he sees as important work.  I’m very interested in doing further research and reflection on this juxtaposition, and what practical learning can be derived from it as an educator.

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