Module #1: Post 2- Multicultural Curriculum

A good starting point for school communities may be to make connections with the educational resources developed by the First Nations Educational Steering Committee which was established in 1992.

First Peoples Authentic Learning Resources K-7

As discussed in Dr. Lee Brown’s video interview, curriculum and our way of teaching needs to be reevaluated in order to accommodate different points of view. For example, the way some math concepts are taught are not in line with First Nations beliefs. This can cause anxiety and feelings of not being listened to or understood in the classroom. This is further compounded with standardized provincial test where questions are often close ended with students not having the opportunity to show their knowledge in different ways. The following link- offers a resource guide to help Math 8 and 9 teachers in developing curriculum and an learning environment where students feel more comfortable and motivated to participate with the goal of helping develop numeracy concepts and skills for lifelong learning.

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