Walking in two different worlds

The article First-nations youth inhabit two different spheres speaks of the two worlds First Nations students must walk in when it comes to education. Traditional knowledge and ways of learning are of great importance for the well-being and health of Indigenous peoples and their communities, for it allows them to know who they are and where they came from. However, as stated in the article, these skills and knowledges are “not recognized by a piece of paper”. As young First Nations students step away from their traditional world and into the classroom, they are faced with challenges and inequities. While many aspire to achieve their dreams and understand that education is required to pursue a job or career, the lesser quality of education puts them at a disadvantage.

After reading the article, I searched for more information on how First Nations students perceive the Canadian’s school system and found this video. It speaks of funding issues, low graduating rates, and lack of the right resources.

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