Module 3, Post 3 – 8th Fire: Indigenous in the City

CBC’s Indigenous in the City is the first episode of a four-part series (8th Fire) discusses Canada’s urban Aboriginal population and how they are working in effort to challenge stereotypes and maintain their traditional culture while living in cities among a large population of non-Indigenous people.

In this 45-minutes documentary, various topics are discussed such as stereotypes, racism, crime, poverty, education, residential schools and history from First Nations’ perspectives. Also highlighted are successful stories of a lawyer, comic book author, musicians, a teacher and a multimedia artist, who question, challenge and break down stereotypes. It’s a great film that exposes the troubled relationship between Aboriginal and non-aboriginal people and examines ways in which barriers can be brought down in order to begin building new relationships.

I also found this educator’s guide that presents questions for students to reflect on and answer while watching each of the episodes followed by instructional activity suggestions.

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