Module 3 Post 1 – Culturally Responsive Mathematics

One of the greatest barriers to implementing more culturally-responsive activities into my math lessons is my lack of local Indigenous knowledge and resources.

The First Nations Education Steering Committee has created the Math First Peoples resource that Math 8 and 9 teachers in BC can use to become more responsive to the cultural perspectives of First Peoples. This resource is intended to:

1. Help all students appreciate the universal presence and importance of mathematics

2.Help all students appreciate the significant role First Peoples play in BC

3. Help Aboriginal students feel more comfortable in mathematics and more motivated to participate.

In addition to describing First Peoples perspectives of mathematics, this resource suggests several ways that educators can form meaningful connections between mathematics, students, community members and Indigenous knowledge. The resource also provides several sample unit plans for teaching mathematics in a culturally responsive way.

The University of Toronto has also provided a blog post with a list of culturally-responsive mathematical lesson plans and games.


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