Module 3.5 – Leading Together Series

The Leading Together Series is part of The Tyee, an independent, online news magazine from BC.  What makes this unique is that it includes diverse reporting to help strengthen Canada’s democracy.  The Leading Together Series include stories produced by mostly Indigenous journalists.  It launched in 2013 and profiles “collaborative experiments in youth empowerment that are delivering concrete results for Aboriginal communities”.   I was fascinated with this site because as you can see there is a wealth of information, videos, articles, opinions, and much more!

There are many other stories which are not found in the “Leading Together Series”.  Here are some that have been published in The Tyee:

A Foot in the Door: Next Aboriginal Generation’s Social Leap

Ten Indigenous Stories of Note in Canada in 2014

Kids Learn Culture and Language at Surrey’s Only Indigenous Preschool

Dechinta Bush University: Learning off the Land

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