Module 3 Post 2: Project of Heart

Project of Heart 

I have seen the project in a couple of different videos or spots around the web, and here is the website for the project!  I deeply wish I had taken advantage of this last term, when I was teaching Grade 10 Canadian History here in Ontario.  The website introduce the project as:
“Project of Heart” is an inquiry based, hands-on, collaborative, inter-generational, artistic journey of seeking truth about the history of Aboriginal people in Canada. Its purpose is to:

  • Examine the history and legacy of Indian Residential Schools in Canada and to seek the truth about that history, leading to the acknowledgement of the extent of loss to former students, their families and communities
  • Commemorate the lives of the thousands of Indigenous children who died as a result of the residential school experience.
  • Call Canadians to action, through social justice endeavors, to change our present and future history collectively”

The site also includes teaching resources, blog posts showcasing work done by schools nation-wide, and social justice actions that can be taken (although it appears some of those haven’t been updated in a while).  I definitely plan on returning to this project and including it in my course resources in the future.

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