Module 3- Post 5- Equality for All

The more I learn about the history of First Nations in Canada and the continuing inequality of present day education, the more I realize the responsibility we all have as educators in breaking the cycle. I am amazed by the number of ignorant people who don’t seem to understand or care about the reasons why so many First nations students are struggling in today’s system. However, it is heartening to learn about the people who do care and the programs that are in place in order to make a difference to future generations.

Here are some resources that I have recently come across that I think are useful to learn more about Canadian History and it’s continuing effects on First Nations Peoples today.

The following video that looks like it was published by a student at Nicola Valley Institute of Technology (The Home of Aboriginal Post- Secondary Education in BC) provides statistics about the differences in education rates and employment between Aboriginals and Non- Aboriginals.

It’s Not an Opinion, It’s a Fact: Aboriginal Education in Canada

In the article found in University of Regina’s Degrees Magazine. James Daschuk talks about the book he has written titled, Clearing the Plains about the damage done by the Canadian Government during the time of John A Macdonald’s national dream.

Daschuk, James. Clearing the Plains (pages 39-40). Degrees, The University of Regina Magazine, Volume 26, no.2, fall/winter 2015. retrieved July 12th, 2015.

In this recent video; Trudeau, Mulcair blast Harper’s record on First Nations issues  (July 8th, 2015) both NDP and LIberal Candidates promise more for Aboriginal Communities than has been delivered by Stephen Harper’s Conservative Govt. Time will tell.



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