“Cyber-traveler’s” reflections Part 1

Here are the five websites I have found so far in my research. I’m still not positive where I want to go with my final project so I have a bit of an eclectic set of websites. I’m hoping to narrow my ideas down. I do want to focus on Six Nations of the Grand River because it is close to my home but I also am interested in the Arts so have looked at sites that relate to traditional dance as well as literature.


# 1 The Six Nations of the Grand River Website  http://www.sixnations.ca

This site is a treasure trove of information about the Six Nations of the Grand River. There are a variety of issues that are addressed in the site. Six Nations has used technology to share their issues and success with the world. I found that the site provides a lot of documentation regarding Land Claim issues but is also used as a site to share the status of the community as well as the plans for improvement.


#2 GoodMinds  http://www.goodminds.com

I have known about this bookstore for a few years now. It only sells works relating to First Nations, Metis and Inuit. The store is located in Six Nations of the Grand River but they have a thriving online store. The part that I found quite interesting is the Teacher Activities section; there is a PDF for various grade levels offer suggestions on how to integrate FNMI curriculum into the classroom. With the discussion we were having this week regarding the education system I felt this was a wonder resources for anyone. (NOTE: the Preschool/Kindergarten, High School and College/University section are currently under construction).



#3 Native Dance  http://www.native-dance.ca

It is quite a comprehensive site regarding Native Dance. The site houses a number of videos that relate to different tribes dances as well as links to Native drums and interviews with various individuals. The site is geared to teachers providing resources which can be used to help inform students of traditional Native dance. I found that it provided a great overview of Native dance as well as videos of a variety of dances from different Native communities.


#4 First Nations Pedagogy http://firstnationspedagogy.com/index.html

This site is designed to help develop understanding of First Nation education and knowledge. There are a variety of resources that are available to deep your understanding and gain insight into working with First Nation youth. It provides an excellent overview of information and collections of videos. The links section also shares different resources. The site does focus on BC but the information is quite useful regardless of the province you are in.


#5 CBC News Indigenous  http://www.cbc.ca/news/indigenous

My last site was CBC. I was looking through various sites trying to think of how I was going to focus my content. I figured I would look at current affairs to help direct my learning. Six Nations of the Grand River has been in the news over the last few years but I thought if I could learn about issues that affected all First Nations communities maybe I would find a bit more direction. I must say, CBC news Indigenous is a great collection of Indigenous content found in Canada. That the site provides current information is also wonderful. You can check daily the different news stories that are available. It also links to CBC Radio and you can listen to podcasts from different Indigenous shows.

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